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Professional Selling Skills

The fact is, everyone is in sales. Whatever areas you work in, you do have clients and you do need to sell.

Jay Abraham

Personal selling is an ancient art. However, it has seen many developments throughout history. Salespersons are the front line of any organization and today the role of the salesperson today extends far beyond the traditional demonstration and presentation of a product (good, service, idea) to a prospective buyer. Instead, the complexity of today’s selling environment necessitates unconventional expertise to successfully make a sale happen.

This course focuses on ensuring the satisfaction of the buyer through processes to generate long-term business & customer loyalty.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By attending this program participants will:

    Explain the importance of ensuring the satisfaction of the buyer by focusing on his process.

    Use the benefits to recommend products and/or services that meet the buyer criteria.

    Handle buyer objections using a process that will set them apart as consultants Vs sales people.

    Demonstrate through real life role-plays the above-mentioned skills.

  • Who Should Attend?

    This program is directed to all sales personnel (managers, supervisors, executives, sales representatives) directly involved in the selling of a product.

Program Content

  • Customer Service and Satisfaction.

    Buyer / Seller cycle.

    Opening statements that create interest.

    Helping people buy through Questioning.

    Translating features into benefits for the buyer.

    Using suggestions and recommendations to stimulate buying decisions.

    Asking for and getting commitments (closing).

    Objection Handling.

    Account Maintenance.