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Key Account Management

Create, maintain and enhance client relationships in order to achieve long-term business, client loyalty and commitment.

More and more organizations are recognizing that relatively few accounts provide the bulk of their revenue and profit. Why? Because they know that keeping these key accounts satisfied is the best way to ensure their own future success. Succeeding with your key accounts is vital for large, established companies and smaller, growing businesses.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By attending this program participants will:

    Understand the challenge of Key Account Management, and identify the obstacles to implementation.

    Identify the skills, tools, processes, and disciplines required for Key Account Management.

    Be able to identify, select and prioritize your Key Accounts.

    Understand the requirements of selling to complex organizations.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Sales managers, key account executives, and professionals involved, or about to be involved, in selling a product or service to accounts that have the potential of large volume sales.

Program Content

  • Complex buying / selling cycle.

    How to develop a long-term relationship with customers, its value and importance.

    Decision guidelines: the optimum conditions in which the selling effort takes place with relation to the buyer guidelines and objectives.

    Decision levels: the different roles of decision-makers and how to recognize and engage each of them.

    Closing: how to gain the highest realistic level of commitment for the existing situation.

    Handling customer concerns and turning objection into opportunities through resolving their customer concerns and objections.

    Account Maintenance: building the sales people’s competence to maintain and develop business in their accounts.