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The Professional Receptionist

How to Project the Best Image for your Company

The receptionist represents the initial point of contact with the outside world, and is in a powerful position to enhance the way the company is perceived.

A professional receptionist is vital to the success of any business. The Receptionist is the first person who a visitor sees on entering an office. A professional receptionist who seems pleased to talk to visitors and can sort out their problems whilst handling the demands of the ringing telephone without losing their cool is an asset to any organization. This course will equip you with all the essential skills you need to succeed in this field of work.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By attending this program participants will:

    Understand the importance of the receptionist's role.

    Create the right impression when receiving guests and visitors.

    Demonstrate appropriate communication techniques to assist in establishing rapport with clients.

    Handle difficult situations in a positive manner.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Receptionists and staff who are representing the company in a front line reception position and directly come into contact with clients, both face- to-face or on the telephone.

Program Content

  • How to make a first impression people will remember.

    Appearance and dress code.

    Managing telephone contacts successfully and efficiently.

    Interpersonal skills in the receptionist’s role.

    Developing effective listening skills and focus on customer care.

    Behavior, manners and assertiveness.

    Statements to avoid.

    Principles of prioritization, planning and organization.

    Strategies for handling difficult people and situations.

    Professionally receiving visitors & VIPs.

    Staying motivated and being part of the company team.