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The Art of Innovation

How to Integrate Creativity into Organizations

The future is full of challenges. The old way of doing things is just not good enough anymore.

Business is a constantly changing environment. What used to work often no longer does. Without change and growth businesses come under ever increasing threats from competition that gets ever smarter.

This workshop is designed to show people how to ‘Think Outside the Box’ and be more Creative in the way they approach situations or problems and how to implementing creative ideas to gain competitive edge for their organizations and themselves.

This program will enable participants to use tools to generate new ideas and introduce them to the process of innovation to make these ideas come to life.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By attending this program participants will:

    Understand what creativity is and how to avoid the misconceptions about it.

    Identify the difference between creativity and innovation.

    Recognize and understand the creativity process.

    Apply creativity techniques to real life work and personal situations.

    Be able to follow the innovation process to implement new ideas.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Professionals who want to sharpen their personal creative thinking and their ability to innovate and think "outside the box".

Program Content

  • Characteristics of Creative People.

    Creative Ability vs. Creative Behavior.

    Creativity versus innovation.

    Workplace environment and creativity.

    Barriers to creativity and how to overcome them.

    Different creativity tools & techniques.

    The innovation process and how to utilize to implement new ideas.