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Employee Accountability

Giving an employee ownership of a task means that you give them the responsibility to see the task to its completion and make all necessary decisions along the way. This increases the chance of an employee's being committed to the project, and motivates him or her to do a better job.

Accountability usually goes hand-in-hand with ownership. Holding an employee who has the right skills accountable for the successful completion of a task often enhances their performance.

Striking the right balance and choosing the right method to motivate your employees and monitor their performance is the key to building a successful “OWNERSHIP CULTURE” in your organization.

With accountability, you get better results, improved teamwork, and clarity. Without it, you get blame, finger-pointing, missed deadlines and low morale. This program aims to provide trainees with skills to use accountability to improve individual and organizational performance.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By attending this program participants will:

    Identify why accountability is essential for organizational and individual high performance.

    Understand how working with clear agreements will help achieve the best possible outcome.

    Know how to set performance objectives & agree on them with team members.

    Effectively diagnose causes of underperformance.

    Address the issue professionally & deliver feedback in a constructive manner.

    Devise a corrective action plan.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Employees from all levels of organization.

Program Content

  • Accountability Mindset:




    Setting objectives and measuring results:

    Setting goals and targets.

    How to set SMART objectives.

    Managing Performance:

    Planning and scheduling team’s activities.

    Effective Communication.

    Defining Expectations & performance standards.

    Observing Performance.

    Measuring output.

    Dealing with Performance Issues.

    Reasons why people under-perform.


    What motivates people?

    How to motivate?

    What de-motivates?

    How to create the conditions where people are self motivated?

    Giving & Receiving Feedback:

    Importance of feedback to improve communication & performance.

    Benefits of giving & receiving feedback.

    Techniques to deliver feedback effectively.

    How to elicit feedback from others.