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Effective Public Relations

Everything you do or say is public relations.

This workshop provides an overview of the public relations profession: what PR people do, and how public relations fit with other communications functions. Participants will be introduced to the basic skills required in public relations: writing press releases, dealing with the media, and planning campaigns.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By the end of this practical two-day course you will:

    Learn the key theories behind PR practice.

    Understand how PR fits in with marketing communication and advertising.

    Know the different uses for PR.

    Know how to distinguish audiences and their needs.

    Know the PR tools that are most effective and why.

    Increase your knowledge of media relations and getting coverage.

    Get lots of tips and examples from a top PR practitioner.

  • Who Should Attend?

    • Junior public relations staff.
    • Experienced executives transferring from other functions.

Program Content

  • Background to Professional PR Practice

    Fundamentals of current PR practice, theory and techniques from third party endorsement to how consultancies work.

    Description of media relations, corporate and marketing communications.

    The PR Communications Mix

    Integrated communication - what is it?

    Comparisons with marketing and advertising.

    Communication and PR theory.

    PR Techniques, Skills and Framework

    Who uses PR and why.

    The various skills of PR.

    Media relations, news and PR writing.

    PR methodologies and activities.

    Introduction to PR planning and evaluation.