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Emotional Intelligence Skills for Managers

Emotions are not just important, but absolutely necessary for us to make good decisions, take action to solve problems, cope with change, and succeed.

Emotional Intelligence is fast becoming recognized as a crucial competency of effective leadership. It is EQ that enables us to control and manage our emotions, and those of others, to our advantage. Emotional Intelligence, unlike IQ, can be learnt at any time during our life and career. We can learn how to keep our emotions in check and respond to situations in an appropriate manner. A person who has EQ is able to cope with stress effectively and handle any situation with confidence.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By attending this program participants will:

    Improve operational efficiency.

    Build a powerful sales force.

    Aid in selecting top talent.

    Build a strong work team that is motivated and productive, increasing your bottom line.

    Deal effectively with conflict.

    Elevate employees’ positions in negotiations to ensure a positive, win-win outcome.

  • Who Should Attend?

    For those working in environments where there are frequent and challenging interactions with colleagues and customers, and those who need to understand the underlying nature of their own and others' responses, and who want to improve the quality of their interactions.

Program Content

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?

    Understanding and developing your emotional skills.

    Improving your ability to reading people correctly.

    Improving your ability to manage with “smart” feelings.

    Managing Yourself: Applying your emotional intelligence skills.

    Managing Others: Applying your emotional skills to others.

    Building the Emotionally Intelligent manager:

    o As leader and building effective teams.

    o Planning and deciding effectively.

    o Motivating people and communicating a Vision.

    o Promoting change.

    Using Emotional Intelligence Skills to promote a productive, corporate Culture.

    Gender differences, work styles and conflict.