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Crisis Management

What to Do When Everything Goes Wrong

Our world has changed dramatically in the past decade. More and more we are subject to serious situations beyond our control that impact negatively on us, and those around us. Security and general safety have become obvious concerns for everyone. Businesses have not been spared: lay-offs, downsizing, restructuring etc. Even when we experience less dramatic workplace crises, they can still have very negative, long-term effects on a number of employees.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By attending this program participants will:

    Use their personal planning skills to prepare for a crisis.

    Develop an action plan to deal with crises.

    Not panic in a crisis situation.

    Implement a repertoire of effective coping techniques to deal with different types of crises.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Managers, executives, Department heads and Project managers.

Program Content

  • Business Crisis.

    Managing Employees turnover.

    System Thinking & Analysis of crisis.

    Crisis management by balanced systems.

    Steps of crisis analysis.

    Preventive – corrective actions of crisis.

    The early alarm system of crisis indicators.

    The cause – effect chain of crisis.

    Negotiating crisis control terms.

    Group & team building for crisis management & leading.

    Benchmarking & e-management of crisis prevention.