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Train the Trainer

Becoming a Great Trainer

Start: 13/05/2013   |    End: 16/05/2013   |    Location: IMI Premises

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for the rest of his life.

Chinese Proverb

Today’s organizations need to continuously learn to stay competitive. A learning organization is a growing organization. The role of the trainer is to present needed training in the most dynamic and effective way possible. His responsibility is to make the learning relevant, up-to-date, real and “fun”. This program will challenge some of the traditional views of the organizational trainer.

Benefits & Added Value

  • By attending this program participants will:

    Understand the role of the trainer.

    Develop a plan and prepare for an effective training session.

    Use an effective training style with appropriate training aids and techniques to stimulate participation.

    Handle difficult situations within the training session.

  • Who Should Attend?

    Trainers, training coordinators, as well as training and development managers.

Program Content

  • Using principles of adult training.

    Developing learning objectives and lesson plays.

    Using effective questioning techniques to promote participation and involvement.

    Delivering and facilitating training programs effectively.

    Using various instructional methods and media appropriate to adult learners.

    Answering questions effectively.

    Handling the different types of trainees.